Welcome to EcoLogical Internal Medicine

If you are looking for treatment for a complex disease or for preventive care, Dr. Amy Dean, Ms. Arden Stanton, and the staff at EcoLogical Internal Medicine offer innovative and effective environmental medicine and alternative medicine solutions for you and your family.

“I have made great improvements in my medical conditions as a result of the medical expertise of Dr. Dean and the nutritional expertise of Arden Stanton. They both show lots of persistence, love and compassion when treating me. They totally care about their patients!”

–Carmina R. , Canton, MI

We believe the body works continuously to maintain health and that stressors โ€“ including toxins, nutritional, structural and hormonal imbalances, food allergies, and traumatic events โ€“ can result in disease. We help you address these underlying causes of disease using natural treatment methods that include Osteopathic Medicine, vitamins and nutrition, Environmental Medicine, bioidentical hormones, healthy diet plans, addressing food allergies, music therapy, mind-body medicine, and weight loss programs.

Our knowledge and experience confirms that given the right diagnosis and tools your body can heal โ€“ our ultimate goal.